The MHR Network is an online, HIPAA-compliant charting and client management system created specifically for mental health professionals.

When designing the MHR Network, one of the components we knew was critical to our system was the assessments area. For that reason, we wanted to ensure we covered several key assessment forms (PAIP, CGAS, ADT, CDT, etc.) used by many mental health providers. Another key form we added was the SOAP note, which is very commonly used and makes it possible for members to complete their assessment work faster and with more consistency.

What Are SOAP Notes?

Often times we can find ourselves trying to remember something specific someone said or wishing we had gone into more detail when completing notes in meetings. SOAP Notes are a way for therapists to ensure their notes are complete and organized while working with clients. The SOAP process is very popular among professionals because of its simplicity and organization. It provides a flow of thinking that organizes separate thoughts in a cohesive manner. The acronym, SOAP, stands for:


Subjective relates to the information the therapists interprets during the session and how the client has observed their own progress throughout treatment. This is typically based on a professional opinion or someone actually experiencing the situation. Not a third party’s opinion.

Objective relates to information that can be observed by someone without any necessary training. Making notes of more obvious acts and vocalizations. This can be easily observed by third parties not involved in the situation or have any professional therapist background.

The assessment is the therapist’s professional opinion after considering the subjective and objective information. This is where notes are taken on improvements made or if there needs to be a new direction taken with treatment.

Lastly, is the plan. This space is reserved for setting a new plan and goals until a specified time period. This can be until the next meeting with the client or point in time that relates to the treatment. What do they need to work on? What direction will this put the client in?

Who Uses SOAP Notes?

SOAP notes can be used by any therapist or counselor looking for a way to analyze, plan, and treat a client’s situation. The MHR Network provides multiple templates to make your job a little bit easier and stress-free. On the website, you can select a SOAP notes template for a client visit and record your meeting. It is as simple as that.

How is The Use of Templates Beneficial?

Organization and consistency can help ensure your recordings of happenings with patients is complete. Between fully booked days, administrative tasks, and the other work distractions, SOAP notes allow you to quickly record your thoughts and form clear goals. The MHR Network makes this easy with an online SOAP template that you can quickly and easily add to your client’s records.

Join the MHR Network today and you can immediately begin managing client profiles, medication, and insurance data, send semi-custom documents (i.e. informed consent, HIPAA privacy, payment agreement etc.) for signature, book appointments, record encounters, manage client billing, invoices, & receipts, maintain client assessments, manage compliance and goals, records status notes, refer to a built-in ICD-10 / DSM-V, create, manage, and print CMS-1500's for each client, and create crisis reports for walk-ins.