Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) offer several benefits to practices both large and small. Unfortunately, the majority of popular EMR systems available are not geared toward smaller practices.

For instance, some of the most popular systems available lack necessary features. Those that offer those features make them available for an additional price. That is rather unfortunate considering that most EMR systems are already overpriced.

To gain access to an EMR system along with additional features, you could end up spending thousands for your initial payment, and hundreds more each month after that. While a higher price point might be viable for a larger practice, smaller practices tend to suffer.

Fortunately, the MHR Network comes with numerous features. It is also safe, secure, and affordable. In fact, understanding what sets the MHR Network apart from the competition can benefit you greatly.

Features at No Additional Cost

As it currently stands, one of the highest rated EMR systems for small practices is also relatively expensive. As if the cost is not jaw-dropping enough, you must pay an additional fee for features such as patient billing, payments, and scheduling.

With the MHR Network, you can access a long list of features all for one low cost. When you opt to use the system, you gain the benefit of document customization, client profile management, scheduling, billing, and more.

Why pay for an overpriced system that does not provide you all of the features you need in one package. As a small practice, a reduction in overhead cost is beneficial, which is why the MHR Network was designed to give you all the features you need at such an affordable price point.

What is the MHR Network?

The MHR Network is an online client management and charting website created specifically for solo therapists and small offices and clinics in the behavioral health industry.

The HIPAA-compliant website not only facilitates the workflow of mental health professionals through a user-friendly interface that is comprehensive and intuitive, but is also accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

With the MHR Network, you can:

  • Manage Client Profile, Demographic, Insurance, & Medication Information
  • Schedule/Manage Appointments
  • Maintain Client Assessment Forms
  • Create/Manage & Print CMS-1500 Forms for Quick Claims
  • Manage Your Client’s Compliance & Goals
  • Send Semi-Custom Documents (i.e. Welcome Letter, Informed Consent, Payment Agreement, etc.) for Signature
  • Easily Manage Encounters, Billings, Invoices, & Receipts
  • Search Built-in ICD-10 / DSM-V
  • Manage Status Notes
  • Manage Crisis Reports (clinics) for Walk-in’s

How is the MHR Network Different from Other EMR/EMH Systems?

The MHR Network was developed by the Virtual Therapist Network as a viable and low-cost alternative to expensive EMR/EMH systems that are currently developed for larger organizations who have much greater resources and the ability to afford such expensive systems. And, unlike the EMR/EHR systems that exist today, the MHR Network was develop specifically for the behavioral health industry. That translates to an online client management system for mental health professionals that is cheaper, faster and easier to learn and use.

What is the Virtual Therapist Network?

The Virtual Therapist Network is a HIPAA compliant audio and video website for therapists, counselors, and life coaches, within the U.S. and Canada, to sign-up and immediately begin offering HIPAA secure online therapy, counseling, and life coaching to new and/or established clients via the Internet.

Since 2014, the founding principle for the Virtual Therapist Network is, and always has been, to develop low-cost alternatives for mental health professionals to become more accessible and successful.

Free 30-Day Trial

If you’re a behavioral health professional looking for a low-cost client management system that will take your solo practice or office/clinic to the next level and help you be more productive, visit the MHR Network website for more information. We offer a risk-free, 30-day trial period without credit card information that allows you to get started today.